Hi, I'm Gabriella Michaelis

A math ​tutor from Hawkesbury Heights.

How I do Tutoring

How I Tutor Math

Maths is a discipline where a scholar should catch on the logic and distinct class of a formulas. If all these arrangements are basically settled, then a person just will need to get a command and exercise of the concept by preforming the key models. As the outcome of working hard and building upon a solid basis, a greater value should be anticipated for sure.

How experience helps me in my work

Whenever a child is really having a hard time, I find the good "handle" to operate to enable the student to realise the process. As a result of my experience from an extensive lifework in which I held a teaching duty, even though beyond education, I can show the advantage of numeracy, along with of the essential need to develop a student's self-confidence. I firmly believe the trick to getting proficient at or good in mathematics is in the teaching; this is not the child's fault if the teaching is miserable and/or doesn't open the consciousness and help them "get it", enjoy it and get more confident at it.

Mutual understanding

I suppose that a child will not learn in case they are not challenged and committed, and a specific strong prime mover for individuals is the partnership between the student and the teacher. A sympathetic attitude, and an environment within which the relationship between student and teacher can grow and encourage honest communication, so the child is not nervous to address fields of disadvantage and uncertainty, will be provided. I work hard to create a respective and supportive connection with every single student I explain, in such manner that they also can praise the exciting awareness into the natural world that science and mathematics deliver me.
I can teach students in any level of maths. I feel that my fantastic strength is to meet the individual learner at the level they currently are, and motivate them further. I strongly believe that nothing is more crucial for great results that the student's self-esteem. This is my objective - to help students believe in themselves with maths and get through. Some things cheer me more compared to when a scholar experiences it and their confidence enhances.

Maths Subjects I focus in

Subjects I focus in

  • General Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2

Maths Tutor Hawkesbury Heights

Hi my name is Gabriella Michaelis, I live in Hawkesbury Heights, NSW . But can also travel to Linden 2778, Faulconbridge 2776, Katoomba 2780, Warrimoo 2774, Hazelbrook 2779.

  • Postal code: 2777

Languages I know

English (Australia)
English (Australia)
English (United States)
English (United States)

My hobies other then teaching

My hobies other then teaching

When I saw seed sown by me growing into beautiful plants and blooming plants , it gives me a great sense of fulfillment. The greenery of plants and sweet fragrance of blossoms are the tonics for eyes and mind. In a world full of tension and pollution, it is a great relief to see beautiful flowers and beautiful plants.

About Myself as a tutor image

Some more about me

It's been my passion for a very long time to become a speaker, and so I'm putting in as much effort as I can to improve my training technique as well as deliver the best possible quality of tutoring to possible students. I've been passionate about maths for as long as I can remember, and I assume that my excitement actually shines via during lessons. I consider it very gratifying to influence trainees as well as test them to be as good as they could be.

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